Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tools of the future

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of Microsoft business applications that combine all important aspects of modern business in one place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables companies with:

  • complete overview of habits, needs and wishes of every client (360Β° view)
  • storage of all client data in one location
  • personalized interaction with clients, focused on their real needs and previous experiences with the company
  • rationalization of operations by cutting costs and optimizing internal resources
  • automation of sales
  • predictive analytics and timely recognition of new business opportunities for the company’s future growth

By integrating Dynamics 365 with various marketing automation tools, all online marketing activities can be performed from a single spot, providing insight into client habits and facilitating the creation of a unique relationship with clients.

The simple connection of the Dynamics 365 solution with additional Microsoft tools for enhancing businesses (advanced reporting through Power BI, Social Engagement as an application for analyzing social networks and Office 365) provides the tools a user requires to enhance operations, and make them faster and more efficient, all in one place.

InSky is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and provides services in all areas from strategy to design, implementation and support. Through our thought-out process we help and support clients in the best way possible in reaching their business goals. InSky provides support to companies of all sizes, from the smallest SMB to large enterprises. We enable clients to choose from different packages that suit their budget and needs.

We specialize, and primarily integrate, the modules related to Dynamics 365 for Sales and for Marketing.