Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), regardless of the expertise and maturity of the organization, digital transformation is far simpler. Whether the focus is on speeding up an individual process or changing an entire industry, the use of artificial intelligence allows companies to improve the entire business process. With InSky Solutions and Dynamics 365 AI, every company has the ability to solve problems and make decisions independently with the help of intelligent tools.

Natural language processing systems are integrated into user interaction, allowing companies to simplify communication processes across different channels and reduce the time required to respond. This gives end-users a higher level of connectivity between different communication channels and a simplified and faster response from the contact center, and the company control over automated processes.

Using supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods, InSky solutions has the ability to analyze business processes and predict user behavior or contact center load.

By introducing chatbots in addition to existing InSky business solutions, users of tourist content have been enabled to communicate effectively and be provided with the possibility of booking. The chatbot is able to learn the preferences of an individual user based on previous inquiries, reservations, reviews, or activities on social networks. This allows hotel contact centers to work 0-24, and end-users to access information from a defined knowledge base at any time in multiple languages.

Some of the highlighted functionalities are the possibility of classifying the conversation according to importance, topic, and content, as well as the possibility of switching the conversation with the user to a guided conversation with the agent, who has all the information of the previous conversation.

It should also be noted that when deciding on the optimal response, the chatbot, in addition to data from the user's knowledge base, has data on saved contacts within CRM, e.g., the chatbot will recognize whether the guest is a member of the loyalty program and will take this into account when leading communications.

Mailbot, as the second InSky business solution for optimizing communication processes, was created based on historical call center data. With the help of deep learning algorithms, a process was modeled for categorizing the content of emails in tourism, prioritizing each message, and sending automated responses.

InSky tries to use artificial intelligence in the best possible way - combining it with already implemented solutions and data from CRM. The best example is the introduction of automated communication methods in our ContactInSky solution. Omnichannel communication combined with artificial intelligence also establishes additional integrated channels such as Web Chat, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, providing both agents and users with additional channels and capabilities.


Advantages of combining artificial intelligence with CRM:

The integration of these two technologies has enabled more predictive and personalized information about users in all areas of business. CRM empowered provides:

a) Predictive ranking of potential users

b) Recommendations for content

c) Contact center workload forecasting

d) Recognition of language from contextual content

e) Mailbot and Chatbot

f) Omnichannel communication - new channels (Viber, WhatsApp FB Messenger)

The goal of artificial intelligence in CRM is to enable it to work on analysis and make smart recommendations on any activity that is related to the actual contact or person within the CRM database.