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MessageInSky Solution enables automatic delivery of any information to user devices via short text messages and other channels.

SMS Notice for Employees

MessageInSky solution enables automatic delivery of any information to user devices via short text messages and other channels where Infobip is providing access to Infobip's global platform. Using MessageInSky as a communication channel company can reduce the cost of interacting with employees by sending SMS messages about cases, orders or service requests. SMS text messages tend to be opened much quicker than other electronic forms of communication which making them an ideal channel of communication to send alerts during an emergency. SMS text messages can be sent to groups of employees in areas with no Internet service and at times when data networks are overloaded.

Send SMS Quick and Easy

SMS utilizes the text messaging functionality of a mobile device and can reach anyone with a phone that has texting capabilities. Sending an SMS is accomplished through a simple content form in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and send it to the selected mobile phone number. Each SMS message will be automatically saved in Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an activity and users can quickly read and respond to incoming SMS messages in Dynamics 365.

Integrating MessageInSky into Microsoft Dynamics 365 can reduce inbound calls to call centre, free sales personnel to focus on qualified leads, and reduce accounting and administrative costs. By implementing MessageInSky solution, organizations can automatically send transaction and fulfillment notifications to customers what leads to better customer satisfaction while SMS messaging can add an additional layer of transparency providing cutomers an insight of message history and conversation detail.

Appointment Reminders

MessageInSky is playing an important role in appointment reminders. Appointment reminders allow organizations to automate the process of reaching out to customers in advance of an upcoming appointment by sending text message in fast, easy and effective way. Functionality is applicable to all kind of organizations that are involved in organizing events. Sending SMS as appointment reminders organization can manage and maximise appointment bookings system.

Workflow Automation

Setting up sophisticated workflows is easy and enables quick implementation, easy management and modeling. With MessageInSky organization can create targeted messages that respond to customers or employees tailored to meet of the business needs. By sending SMS messages about important changes to a case or service request, each cusomer can be informed independently of where they are currently in the world. MessageInSky as a communication channel will bring a new dimension to each company that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 reducing the costs of interacting with their employees and customers.

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Activity – SMS Message - SMS Message Information
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Process configuration example – automatic personalized information delivery via SMS


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