Development and Innovation

Considering all electronic and digital changes and innovations, customer expectations are rising tremendously. Today's users demand the flexibility of communications in the different channels at the desired time and no longer accept long waiting times and impersonal service as the norm. Because of this, it is a great requirement for every organization with successful management of business processes and communication with customers, but also, suppliers of business solutions must constantly improve their products to meet the needs of the market.

Understanding the needs of the market, InSky constantly enriches and develops its business solutions, considering the needs of modern business organizations through the following innovative requirements:

Artificial intelligence integrated with customer interaction - Companies are increasingly demanding predictive analytics, using artificial intelligence (AI) applications to streamline customer and agent call center experiences. Customer also expects more links between different media channels and a simplified and quick response from the contact center.

With this innovative component, InSky's business solution is based on collected data from business processes, which enables customer demand prediction and contact center load prediction.

With the introduction of the chatbot, efficient communication and content reservation is enabled for  contact center users. Chatbots can learn user's preferences based on previous queries, reservations, reviews, and even social media activities that provided valuable user suggestions.
Omni-Channel Communication - Unified communication with clients across different channels (phone, SMS, email, web, social networks, chatbot…) that gives companies better context for their customers, helps solve problems faster, and helps sales agents to find better opportunities for future sales.

Omnichannel experiences combine inbound and outbound communication to provide proactive, contextual interaction. Users enjoy easy and affordable engagement, while agents’ access and manage communications from a single omnichannel desktop. All this is a part of the considerably improved InSky business solutions.

β€’ Digital transformation transformation is an opportunity for businesses to think and act digitally in how they engage their customers, empower their employees, optimize their businesses and transform their products. Companies that do this are seeing strong results: reducing costs, conserving resources, increasing profits and optimizing operational efficiency. And organizations mature in their journey with digital transformation are generating an average of more than $ 100 million in additional business revenue each year from those behind. Yet, only 14 percent of organizations today say they have fully digitized their business processes, and only five percent of organizations say they have digitized to the point of differentiating themselves from their competitors. Technology is everywhere, and access to digital services is playing an increasing role.






Digital transformation and application of advanced technologies have completely restructured the modern business environment. For companies looking to stay competitive, it is crucial to use software solutions that enable omnichannel and computer-to-machine communication over the Internet of Things (IoT).

Companies seeking strategic positioning in the market will need to implement digital business transformation that takes in consideration the overall customer experience: InSky, as a true digital service provider, redefines the customer experience from start to finish. In this regard, companies (of all sizes) integrate technologies into their businesses to provide complete customer context with every interaction and leverage system data to provide a proactive service. Furthermore, unified communication and collaboration tools, such as team collaboration applications (chat, chatbots, etc.), will be strategically important for contact centers, as they enable employees to leverage the collective intelligence of their entire business.