Digital transformation represents an opportunity for businesses to think and operate as digital companies in terms of how they engage their customers, empower their employees, optimize their operations and transform their products.

Companies that are doing this are seeing strong results: reduced overheads, preservation of resources, increased profits and optimized operational efficiency. Technology is omnipresent, and this access to digital services plays an increasingly important role in everything we do: shaping growth, changing industry landscapes, and providing the catalyst for new business models, products, services and experiences. Capitalizing on this phenomenon is the key to innovation and growth.

From the rise of connected devices and other β€œthings” within the Internet of Things (IoT), the growing quantity of data, and the emergence of advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to augmented reality and the next frontiers, the challenge and opportunity for business leaders is to harness the ubiquitous, disruptive force of technology in order to be more agile, fuel efficient and to ultimately shape their destiny. Instead of implementing the organizational digitalization, it can be started on the business unit level in an easy and fast manner.

Our CEO, Trpimir Kvesić, perfectly summarized the benefits of digitalization:

"Our credo, our philosophy, is aimed at users through specific niches such as the contact center and loyalty programs built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. With innovations, a different approach, initial solution architecture, anda long-term roadmap, we have managed to satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements of our users, both functionally and technologically as well as ergonomically."

Despite the extraordinary situation caused by the pandemic caused by the COVID19, the process of digitalization and automation of businesses has not only halted, but also further accelerated to make our customers better and more efficient, and to be as ready as possible for future periods. 

"Thanks to working with our progressive customers, we have changed our attitude and perspective from reactive to proactive and realized that our role is not only to survive with our customers, but also to stregthen for what will be coming after crisis. This menas being more than CRM service providers, by monitoring and advancing new digital organizations in the incoming era." - pointed out Trpimir KvesiΔ‡, CEO.