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One of the largest real estate agents in Croatia

Erste nekretnine d.o.o. is a specialized real estate company owned by Erste & Steiermärkische Bank, established to expand the group's services and products in the real estate segment. In addition to real estate appraisals and supervision, the company also operates as a real estate broker and consultant. Erste nekretnine operates throughout Croatia, and in cooperation with its sister companies they are present in many markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Erste nekretnine is part of the Erste Group in Croatia led by Erste & Steiermärkische banka as the winner of the "Golden Kuna" for the most successful bank in Croatia in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012, chosen by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Today, Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d. operates through 131 branches, including 13 commercial centers, 8 entrepreneurial and 9 profit centers for corporate clients and an ATM network of about 630 ATMs.

As Erste Real Estate wanted to digitalize its business, revise, and optimize business processes, increase the speed of information flow and facilitate the collaboration of more dislocated employees and associates, and create a single database, InSky implemented the RealestateInSky business solution based on the latest Microsoft technologies. RealestateInSky solution in turn enabled the management of the process of making and approving appraisals, automation and structuring of all processes related to real estate appraisals, the ability to collaborate associates, appraisers and different departments within the company, and the ability to use applications by external collaborators.



"With its RealestateInSky business solution, InSky has made it easier for us to organize business processes and advanced reporting and analytics."

Ines Huseljić

Assessment service

Erste nekretnine



How InSky's solutions work within Erste Real Estate

RealestatelnSky provides unique support to the real estate business by automating all processes in the organization using a mobile application, geolocation, and approval process. All processes are integrated into a single RealestateInSky solution, starting with creating and authorizing appraisal requests, then creating a bid and verifying payment, assigning requests to appraisers, and automatically creating an appraisal from the request, and authorizing elaborate and final accounts. Process sequence is ensured by additional functionalities provided by the InSky solution such as the administrator interface and end-user portals, customization of validation forms, clear data management control panel and built-in security model for user rights management and advanced HTML document generation module.


How RealestatelnSky affects Erste real estate

“With its RealestateInSky business solution, InSky has enabled us to organize business processes more easily, as well as advanced reporting and analytics, and the integration with the geolocation and accounting system. Unique database with advanced search, support for document management and storage on Sharepoint and easy ability to copy data are just some of the most important features that have made our business more efficient and faster thanks to RealestateInSky solution "- said Ines Huseljić, assessment service, Erste nekretnine.


How Microsoft is helping the digital transformation of the industry

RealestateInSky has expanded the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is entirely based on Microsoft technologies and functions as an upgrade to existing products. It uses existing business processes developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as several customized, specially designed and developed processes to support real estate business tailored to the wishes and requirements of users. InSky combines Microsoft's advanced technology and market best practices to help the user achieve digital transformation and business automation.