Groups&AllotmentsInSky is a business solution that covers a complete process, ranging from agency creation, agency management and related contacts, to creation of potential customers, sales opportunities, offers, contracts, marketing campaigns and full analysis together with detailed reporting.
The most important features:






360 Partner view

The 360 Partner view in an easy-to-read manner displays all relevant partner information and related contacts. The system records all activities related to a partner or agency, such as phone calls, e-mail correspondence, meeting records and tasks related to a specific agency.


The Lead Management module, as the first step of an implemented business process, enables easy lead entry, contacts and partners, and leads qualification to business opportunity.


The Groups&AllotmentsInSky business solution fully and effectively enhances sales processes related to MICE business, Group and Allotments sales and Weddings. Transparent input of terms, language and currency selection, easy import and export of data, integration with ERP systems, and a modular integrated sales process within the solution are just some of the features of Groups&AllotmentsInSky solution that make a business more reliable and profitable.


Sales opportunities within a business solution can change statuses depending on the maturity of the sales process. The Groups&AllotmentsInSky system allows you to intuitively create quote items, enter serials and group terms, and easily print quotes on predefined templates that can be created independently. Templates can be in different languages for different accommodation units depending on user needs. In the further process it is possible to trace the life cycle of the offer until its realization.


Dashboards and reports present, in a structured and clear way, all relevant information stored within a business solution.