Medora - Podgora, Makarska Riviera, Croatia - Medora

Medora - the perfect embrace of the mountain and the touch of the sea

Medora hoteli i ljetovaliลกta d.d. own two hotels with more than 500 accommodation units and one car camp. All hotels are located in Podgora in the unique embrace of the mountain Biokovo and the touch of the blue sea along one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast.

Medora's main goal is to position existing facilities into market-attractive tourism products, by introducing international standards of management and business and connecting traditional local values with modern tourism trends.

In cooperation with InSky, Medora implemented the ContactInSky business solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, designed, and adapted to the needs of a modern reservation center. By integrating the ContactInSky and online booking solutions, the individual sales process in the reservation center is additionally automated and digitized.


"InSky solutions have been providing us with a high level of quality and customer support for years."

Vladimir Mikliฤ‡,

Sales and Marketing Director

Medora hoteli i ljetovaliลกta



ContactInSky solution

The implementation of the ContactInSky digital contact center has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of agents in individual and group sales. The centralized and unified module for contact centers has enabled priority and complete processing of guest inquiries for hotels via email and phone calls. The integrated user monitoring interface enables control and supervision over the work of agents, and the analytics system enables the user to use previously created reports for the purpose of reporting and making quality business decisions. Also, depending on the current business need, the system also allows the user to create their own reports of different levels of complexity. At the same time, the user can contact the InSky Data Science team to jointly create the most complex and data-rich reports needed for advanced business analytics.

"InSky solutions have been providing us with a high level of quality and customer support for years," said Vladimir Mikliฤ‡, Sales and Marketing Director at Medora.

Integration with the Online booking system

The online booking system, or PHOBS, is an online connection platform for hotels, campsites, holiday homes and their distributors. The integration sets up the synchronization of offers and reservations within the ContactInSky application and the CRM platform.

Some of the advantages of introducing integration and business improvements are guest focus, conversion orientation, choice of multiple languages and currencies, the ability to set various tariff plans, many ways of discounts and supplements, GDPR compliance and most importantly - ease of use of the platform.