Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

With AI, regardless of an organization’s expertise, digital transformation is far easier. Whether the focus is on accelerating a single process or disrupting an entire industry, companies can get there by making AI accessible and useful throughout the business. With InSky Solutions and Dynamics 365, every company has the freedom to solve problems and make decisions on their own with the help of intelligent tools.

Artificial intelligence integrated with customer interaction - companies are increasingly demanding predictive analytics, using artificial intelligence applications to streamline customer and agent call center experiences. Customers also expect more links between different media channels and simplified, quicker response from the contact center.

With this innovative component, InSky's business solution is based on collected data from business processes, which enables customer demand prediction and contact center load prediction.

With the introduction of the chatbot, efficient communication and reservation of the desired content are enabled to the user's of contact center. Chatbots can learn a user's preferences based on previous queries, reservations, reviews, and even social media activities that provided valuable user suggestions.

InSky is trying to make the best of AI combining it with already implemented solutions. The best example is the introduction of new communication channels into our ContactInSky solution which has revolutionized communication towards guests with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot and Mailbot. Omnichannel communication in combination with AI provides integrated additional channels like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger giving agents additional options for communication.




The Benefits of Combining Artificial Intelligence with CRM

Integration of these two technologies delivers more predictive and personalized customer information in all areas of business. AI-driven CRM provides:

  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Forecasting
  • Recommendations
  • Natural language search
  • Mailbot and Chatbot
  • Omnichannel communication – new channels (Viber, WhatsApp FB Messenger)

The goal with artificial intelligence in CRM is to let AI handle the analysis and to make smart recommendations about any activity that is connected with actual contact or person within CRM database.