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Leading provider of national strategic communication infrastructure

OiV – Transmitters and Communications, a leading provider of national strategic communications infrastructure that provides customers with reliable digital networks and platforms for transmitting signals, distributing content, and transmitting data via fiber-optic mission-critical Internet. Reliable relationships and modern infrastructure enable OiV to offer its customers a full range of services tailored to their needs.

In order to continue to maintain a leading position in the market, the commitment of each employee to current and future business challenges is very important.

Guided by this goal, OiV opted for an advanced solution from InSky Solutions to digitize its business and create a unique database, which ultimately resulted in easier customer relationship management and business process automation. The digitalization of business has contributed to a better and faster flow of information, facilitated cooperation among employees, as well as the optimization of automated processes.



"The business experience with InSky together with their advanced solutions have helped us improve communication as well as customer satisfaction."

Tihana Tonković

Specialist Sales Support Coordinator


How InSky solutions help OiV's business

The growth of the company, as well as the growth of the number of services that the company offers to its customers need complete digital solutions and a reliable partner. That’s why OiV has decided to give its trust to InSky which takes care that Dynamics CRM works flawlessly. Due to the dynamics of business and constant changes in processes, it is necessary to constantly adjust key business systems. InSky enables fast and efficient adjustment of CRM in accordance with the needs and wishes of OiV, all with the aim of designing and creating specific functionalities that adequately follow business needs.

Since Dynamics CRM is a modular platform, there are almost unlimited possibilities for modification as well as connecting and communicating with other systems. In this way, CRM becomes a central place for storing and recording data and enables an overview of the entire relationship with the client as well as accurate reporting of statuses and changes.

Especially for OiV, a process of automatic notification and transfer of information within OiV has been created so that all stakeholders in the complex contracting process can be informed in a timely manner in which stage the subject of their interest is.

"The business experience with InSky together with their advanced solutions have helped us improve communication as well as customer satisfaction." - said Tihana Tonković, specialist sales support coordinator at OiV.


CRM - all activities in a single database

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM combines different types of OiV client data into a single database and enables the identification of required business activities. The introduction and adjustment of CRM solutions by InSky has ensured centralized recording of all activities and accelerated the flow of information needed for decision-making. Dynamics allows easy retrieval of all collected data as well as visibility and the ability to customize each user.

The success of each new project as well as the introduction of new functionalities depends not only on the expertise of InSky employees but also on OiV employees who with their professionalism and high level of commitment and communication contribute to building a strong partnership.