Business Solutions developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform 

InSky Solutions developed and implemented business solutions used for digitalization, improvement of business processes, and for removal of any existing bottlenecks. InSkyโ€™s business solutions are innovative and recognized not only in Croatia and in the region but also globally.

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 Business Consulting 

InSkyโ€™s competitive advantage in this segment is our experienced team, whose members have more than 20 years of experience as users and implementors of various global solutions (such as SAP CRM, Siebel, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft Dynamics 365), as well as the experience on large international projects.

Our business consultants are the ones who handle business consulting and are not only the ones suggesting and providing clients with the best solutions for their problems but also the ones handling account management, project management, upselling, and much more.



 Custom Development 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of Microsoft business applications that combine all important aspects of modern business in one place. The main purpose of Dynamics 365 is to enable companies to have:

- A complete overview of habits, needs, and wants of every client (360ยฐ view),

- storage of all client data in one location,

- personalized interaction with clients, focused on their real needs and previous experiences with the company,

- rationalization of operations by cutting costs and optimizing internal resources,

- automation of sales,

- predictive analytics and timely recognition of new business opportunities for the companyโ€™s future growth,

- and much more!


All the above would not be possible without customizing specific processes used by companies, which adhere to different sets of rules and ways of doing business. The simple connection of the Dynamics 365 solution with additional Microsoft tools for enhancing businesses (advanced reporting through Power BI, Social Engagement as an application for analyzing social networks, and Office 365) provides the tools a user requires to enhance operations and make them faster and more efficient, all in one place.

InSky is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and provides services in all areas from strategy to design, implementation, and support. Through our thought-out process, we help and support clients in the best way possible in reaching their business goals. InSky provides support to companies of all sizes, from the smallest SMB to large enterprises. We enable clients to choose from different packages that suit their budgets and needs.

And lastly, but not least important, is the fact that all the above is being done by utilizing Artificial Intelligence.



 Office Migration 

In order to create an effective workplace, a growing number of companies are deciding to move to Office 365. By migrating to Office365, they receive a variety of benefits, such as a strong increase in productivity, collaboration, project management, data analytics, and other tools, as well as cloud usage benefits, such as flexibility, mobile access, and online document collaboration.

InSky Solutions helps organizations migrate smoothly to Office365 from local, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Thanks to years of experience and consulting practice, we guide our customers throughout the migration journey, while ensuring that the migrated solution will meet the customer's expectations.

We consider the move to Office365 an important strategic step for companies looking to rebuild their infrastructure, but each infrastructure has its own specifics that require different migration methods. To meet the needs of our users, we have created a suite of services to help them before, during, and after the migration.

The set of our services consists of four activities:

1. Pre-migration activities - include a thorough analysis of the existing implementation and an assessment of the overall infrastructure, as well as content analysis and user list

2. Migration activities - include the preparation for the Office365 migration environment and the migration process itself

3. Post-migration support - includes support to users to ensure the sustainability of the migration solution, as well as support to IT professionals and end users

4. Microsoft Licenses - As a Microsoft Partner, we offer Office365 licenses with a price advantage



 Dynamics migration 

InSky Solutions offers full migration service from older versions of Dynamics 365, from version 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016, all the way to the latest version of Dynamics 365 delivering a turnkey solution to the clients. Some of the most important characteristics of the migration process are analysis and design services, upgrades, business transformation, reporting support, and consulting.

Organizations tend to invest a lot of time and resources into their customer relationship systems over the years. The internal and external costs of implementation, customization, customer support, and upgrades can be significant. However, technology does not always keep track of business needs so a lack of changes and inactivity can potentially lead to:

โ€ข Insufficient flexibility and scalability

โ€ข Low rate of new user acquisitions

โ€ข Growing cost of support services

โ€ข Restricted access

โ€ข Lack of cloud integration


InSky Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner that provides turnkey services that include everything from strategy and design to implementation and support. InSky provides support to companies of all sizes, from the smallest, to medium to large companies.