Within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, InSky has designed and developed a unique marketing and business concept for wholesalers and pharmacies. In addition to many benefits that are available when using a CRM, the leading pharmacy loyalty program in Croatia has been developed as its integral part.

The loyalty program is based on the various benefits that customers gain from their purchases or other activities. Benefits in the form of points or other conveniences are also available to customers through various channels such as B2C and B2B portals, or through the mobile application. LoyaltyInSky is an extended functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and is easily applicable to other industries or sales.

Loyalty programs are being increasingly being used in the pharmacy sector. Our LoyaltyInSky solution, as a part of the ADIVA program from PHOENIX Pharmacy, is the most popular and widely used solution for pharmacy loyalty programs in Croatia and the region, with more than 300.000 members.