One of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Croatia

PHOENIX Farmacija, one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Croatia, is a member of the PHOENIX Group, a leading European pharmaceutical wholesaler. The company ensures the supply of drugs and medical products to several subjects in the healthcare system: pharmacies, hospitals, health centers, and medical diagnostic laboratories. The company was established in 2004 after the merger of Medifarm-Velebit d.d. and Farmacija d.d. owned by PHOENIX. Today PHOENIX Farmacija’s market share in Croatia is around 24%. The company has a total of 320 employees. In addition to drugs, food supplements and medical products, the product range of PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. includes cosmetics, milk substitutes and children’s food, food for special nutritional needs, chemicals, diagnostic products, and lab kits.

PHOENIX wanted to introduce a new structured program to reward its most loyal customers and patients. Furthermore, they wanted to improve communication with existing and new patients as well as increase patient’s satisfaction and boost sales. And lastly, PHOENIX wanted to make their business processes faster.

Therefore, InSky implemented the LoyaltyInSky solution, specifically designed and developed for the purposes of a loyalty program. It combines advanced technology and best practices from the market which help the customer achieve digital transformation and automatization of business. This enabled Phoenix to use direct marketing to target their customers. The overall implementation included mobile application for end users, database interesting to Phoenix suppliers – Power BI, and SellOut – a possibility of tracking complete sales for each pharmacy, brand, product, or supplier.

In return, the overall results were more than satisfactory; Phoenix managed to improve communication with existing and new customers, thus improving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the overall revenue was increased by 33%, by being able to actively monitor sales. And lastly, customer churn was reduced by 22% and most importantly, patients were able to create a more personal connection with a pharmacist and vice versa.



“We highly recommend InSky Solutions and their products.”

Vesna Babić,

Senior Brand Manager,




"We utilize LoyaltyInSky Solution and have found the service to be professional, effective, and beneficial to our overall business. The staff at InSky Solutions has been very helpful in both consulting and implementing our main marketing tool. We highly recommend InSky Solutions and their products. "- said Vesna Babić, Senior Brand Manager in PHOENIX Farmacija.

How InSky’s solutions work within PHOENIX

LoyaltyInSky provides detailed reports about the insight into essential customer behavior and preference data; reports about the transactions and purchases made by patients; reports about geographical and demographical segmentation of patients; reports about patient churn. Power BI enables a combination of different measures and data that wasn’t available before and was not possible to get through the standard CRM reporting system.

How LoyaltyInSky impacts PHOENIX

“Our LoyaltyInSky solution, as part of the Adiva program of PHOENIX Farmacija, is the most widespread and most popular solution in the pharmacy sector in Croatia and the region with more than 200,000 members. LoyaltyInSky is a business solution that includes innovative technological and marketing elements used in a system of structured rewards given to patients in exchange for desired behavior, all to increase loyalty and gather data about the patients. The solution makes it possible to manage different activities, which can further increase loyalty. It monitors the cost-effectiveness of such activities, as well as factors that contribute to the success of loyalty programs.” - said Vesna Babić, Senior Brand Manager.


“By implementing LoyaltyInSky mobile app Adiva enhanced Brand awareness, brought the ADIVA pharmacy program closer to patients, enable easier use of the “Faithful to Health” loyalty program card in ADIVA pharmacies via the application, and connect the B2C loyalty program portal to the mobile application.” – said Dominik Rojković, InSky Solutions CTO.

How Microsoft helps with digital transformation within the industry

LoyaltyInSky is an extended functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. It is entirely based on Microsoft technologies, and it functions as an upgrade to existing products. It uses existing business processes that are developed within Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as several custom-made ones, specifically designed and developed for the purposes of a loyalty program and aligned with client wishes and demands. InSky combines Microsoft advanced technology and best practices from the market which helps the customer to achieve digital transformation and automatization of business.