InSky Solutions, guided by its vision and specific market needs, has designed and developed a suite of business solutions specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Our products have given us a leading position in Croatia and the region and are the result of years of experience in working with Microsoft technology, primarily Dynamics 365, as well as the knowledge of the tourism industry and excellence in creation of our own business solutions.

The TourismInSky vertical solution package consists of the award-winning contact center solution Innovative ContactInSky, Groups&AlotmentsInSky solution, loyalty program LoyaltyInSky, an integration platform IntegrationInSky that enables integration with booking and PMS systems, and the mobile application MobileInSky. The solution also enables integration with ChatBot (MailBot) channels by using artificial intelligence to predict, identify mail priorities and recognize languages from message content within Azure Machine Learning. In addition to these modules, the digital transformation of tourism companies using the TourismInSky solution is complemented by a marketing automation module and a processes automation module within operations.