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Leading advocate for businesswomen and their career success


Women in Adria empowers women to change the world. The philosophy of the Women in Adria association is that every woman can make her dreams come true. The association encourages women's business ambitions and helps them achieve whatever they want, whether it is starting and growing a business or building a career in the real or public sector.

WIA is a crossroads of information and diverse experiences on career or entrepreneurial challenges by also providing online education to members with the aim of increasing competencies and competitiveness in the business world.

Women in Adria wanted to digitize their business, as well as create a single database to facilitate the management of relationships with members and automate business processes. InSky has implemented and customized the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution to put the user experience at the heart of business processes, resulting in greater connectivity with members, increased information flow, easier collaboration within the association, and easier membership management.


"The experience of doing business with InSky as well as their advanced solutions have helped us increase our connection with our members, which was our goal in the project of digitalization of our association's business."

Ivana Matić,

Executive Director,

Women in Adria



How InSky solutions work within Women In Adria

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM combines different types of data about WIA members into a single database and enables the identification of necessary business activities. The introduction and adaptation of CRM solutions by InSky ensured centralized recording of all areas of activity of WIA members.

The first contact of a person with Women in Adria can take place in the following ways: by subscribing to the newsletter, registering for the event, purchasing in the web shop, or registering for membership. By applying as a member, the user can achieve various benefits, and by indicating the membership level, it is very easy to get a list of a certain group of users who then receive various membership benefits. In this way, the WIA has a clear picture of which activities to contact a particular group of members for. Member profiles contain information on membership fees, i.e., recording invoices, as well as the date of opening and renewal of membership. This makes it possible to detect members whose membership has been suspended for a certain period, which provides WIA with timely information on which members to contact to remind them of an expired membership or to initiate a membership renewal process. The Automated Process sends members renewal emails one month before the expiration of the membership, one week before the expiration of the membership and one day before the expiration of the membership.

Members can also apply for various events. There are four types of registration for an event: registration for paid events by a member and a non-member, and registration for a free event by a member and a non-member.

Each member can also sign up for the newsletter where they receive all the information about current events and benefits.