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We are living CRM philosophy, so we are not only selling and deploying our solutions, we are using it together with our customers and improving it every day. Customers coming back with testimonials how really big our role in their business success and satisfaction of their customers is. Personalization of each customer, power to understand and to create solution according to specific requirements provide unlimited opportunity and our happy customer focused on their clients, not processes any more.

Our satisfied customers, our highly motivated, enthusiastic, talented and with strong desire to win team and our creative business solution based on CRM that are horizontally and vertically cataloged are the key elements of our success and outstanding achievements. InSky solutions have broad market potential and they are already helping different customers with their different needs. Instead of expensive and complicated software InSky is making very simple but complex business solution developed on trusted and accepted Microsoft products you already know and love.


Microsoft Gold Application Development

InSky Solutions announced it has attained Gold Application Development competency, distinguishing itself within the top 1 percent of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem and demonstrating a “best-in-class” ability and commitment to meet customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

To earn a Microsoft gold competency, partners must successfully complete exams to prove their level of technology expertise, and then designate these certified professionals uniquely to one Microsoft competency, ensuring a certain level of staffing capacity. They also must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a revenue commitment, and pass technology and/or sales assessments.

By achieving a gold competency InSky demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment to the latest Microsoft technology. These partners have a deep expertise that puts them in the top 1 percent of Microsoft partner ecosystem, and their proficiency will help customers drive innovative solutions on the latest Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Internationalization of Business and Increasing Competitiveness of InSky Solutions

Through this project, InSky Solutions will offer its products on the markets of the wider region, Central Europe and Asia. Potential customers of InSky's products are small, medium and large companies in the areas of tourism, pharmacy, IT industry, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, retail and wholesale and many others. Our competitive advantage is innovative solutions.

The increase in sales revenue by 20% is expected within the period of one year after project completion. The project aims for conclusion of contracts with international partners / companies outside the Republic of Croatia and export products / services. This will result in a company's exit to the international market.

The total value of the project is 977.543,90 kn of which EU co-finances in the amount of 669.452,53 kn.

Period of project implementation (from - to): 09/2017 - 03/2020.

For more information, contact Trpimir Kvesić, CEO and Darko Pucarević, Business Consultant.

Operativni program konkurentnost i kohezija 2014.-2020.

We are InSky Solutions

Business solutions company based in Zagreb, Croatia


In an easy and fast way instead of implementing organizational CRM, implementation can be started on a business unit level that will be simple, easy to use and its results will be quickly evident. Idea is that everybody can find, try and buy our solution. This kind of CRM can later be an example for implementing global CRM in the whole organization and a help in avoiding obstacles that were already solved.

InSky Solutions

Instead of expensive and complicated software InSky has made very simple but complex business solution developed on trusted and accepted Microsoft products: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Lync, Share Point and Office 365. Microsoft and InSky collaborate to provide real business solutions for CRM, combining the power of the Microsoft tools and platforms with InSky deep understanding of CRM.


Personalization of each customer, power to understand and to create solution according to specific requirements provide unlimited opportunity and our happy customer focused on their clients, not processes any more. InSky Business Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the key elements of the successful business philosophy in modern organizations.

Our Team

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Trpimir Kvesić

Co-founder & CEO
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Dominik Rojković

Co-founder & CTO
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Dario Cvitešić

Business Development Manager
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Tajana Varunek

Business Consultant
team img

Kristina Devčić

Business Consultant
team img

Darko Pucarević

Business Consultant
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Daniel Kožul

Senior Software Developer
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Hrvoje Horvat

Senior Software Developer
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Krešimir Novak

Senior Software Developer
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Vedran Spajić

Software Developer
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Hrvoje Perović

Software Developer
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Filip Nemec

Software Developer

Our Products


Instead of expensive and complicated software, InSky Solutions has made very simple but complex business solution developed on trusted and accepted Microsoft products: Microsoft Dynamics 365, SkypeforBusiness, Office 365, ASP.NET, HTML, Bing maps, Power BI, Team Foundation Server, Exchange, Edge and SharePoint.

InSky Solutions business solution TourismInSky has broad market potential and already some of the biggest hotel chains like Valamar and Maistra or digitally progressive like Laguna Novigrad and Medora. TourismInSky is industry specific business solution bundle, specifically designed and developed for digitalization the hotel industry. Main modules and functionalities are:

  • Contact center
  • Case management
  • Loyalty program
  • MICE - EventInSky
  • Allotments and groups
  • MobileInSky - Mobile application
  • Geomarketing
  • Marketing and campaigns
  • Internet of Things
  • Prediction
  • Facility management
  • Activity management
  • Smart rooms
  • Social networks


ContactInSky is unique and innovative solution that does not require a separate phone infrastructure such as telephone switchboards or PBX infrastructure networks; all that is required is the Internet access. It features simple, easy-to-use UI, customizable by power users. Communication channels include phone, e-mail, viber, SMS, social. The solution also features simple monitoring, reporting and statistics, predictive and analytical tool for upsell and cross sell like the next best action. It is also easily integrated with other legacy systems.

ContactInSky solution is platform for customer support, sales activities, debt collection and marketing campaigns. Skype for business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration enables easy and rapid processing of user requests. Recognition of incoming calls and callers accelerate agents work in customer service. “Click to dial” functionality for outgoing calls enables users to work in a single application. Based on this integration, e-mail management, social engagement and incoming/outgoing calls automation, all activities are saved into CRM, which enables easy and detailed reporting from CRM system.


Business solution that combines technology and marketing efforts providing a system of structured rewards given to customers in exchange for desired behaviors, with the goals of increasing customer loyalty and collecting customer data.

The solution enables managing of various activities that can additionally increase customer loyalty. It tracks the cost-effectiveness of such activities and the success factors of the loyalty program.


Business solution that includes entire process, starting with the listing and managing of the agency and their associated contacts, up to the creation of leads, sales opportunities, bids, marketing campaigns and ultimately complete analysis and complex reporting.


Business solution that provides a unique support to real-estate business combining and automatizing all the processes in the organization using mobile client, geolocation and desired approval process.

All requests, assessments and correspondence between different stakeholders and clients are done using this solution. Advanced features and custom upgrades are done upon client request.


A unique mobile application for customer relationship management based on Xamarin technology.


Integration platform completely based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, simplifies and allows to enter, modify, merge, transform and extract data through structured files.

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