Integration platform completely based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, simplifies and allows to enter, modify, merge, transform and extract data through structured files. InSky Business Solutions integrate with leading application support systems ensuring a unique business solution for the overall management of all business processes.

Featured integrations


As the most flexible booking engine on the market, PHOBS is created by hoteliers to support implementation of modern revenue strategies and boost direct reservations. By integrating with InSky business solutions, hotel chains receive complete customer relationship management and a quality user experience.


Modular Hotel and Restaurant Information System, a complete software package for hotel and hospitality companies, which is part of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. By integrating with InSky business solutions, management of hotels, camps and all contents and guest offers to is implemented through a single solution.


A complex solution for the hospitality industry (DMS) which supports hotel chains, tourist agencies, inbound and outbound, DMO/DMC organizations, and boosts their direct sales channels.


The application is designed for monitoring the reception of business in complex hospitality systems. The application is supported by work on the reception of various types of buildings such as apartment complexes, bungalows and hotels. Integration with the InSky Business Solution enables two-way communication and reception jobs management across one interface.

Micros Opera

Integration between Micros Opera and InSky Business Solutions simplifies the IT infrastructure in properties, allowing hotel management and staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.


An ERP business solution that covers business processes, from sourcing and invoicing to accounting and payroll management, and production and business analytics. The integration of InSky CRM-based business solutions with Pantheon ERP provides a complete solution by integrating all business processes and controlling them in a single system.

Opera SvamPlus

ERP operational and financial controlling of an enterprise business by integrating all business processes into one. Opera is intended for financial and accounting management, inventory management and tangible assets and other processes. The integration of InSky CRM technology-based business solutions with Opera creates a complete solution that integrates all business processes and enables them to be controlled in a single system.


A PMS system is a reception business system designed to organize and control business functions of sales and reservations, marketing, front and back office, household and other functions. InSky CRM-based business solutions and Opera provide a complete solution that integrates all business processes and enables them to be controlled in a single system




Integrations made with Mass Mailing Systems:


A business solution for mass emailing as part of marketing campaigns. InSky Business Solutions, as a powerful sales and marketing management tool, seamlessly integrates with mass-mailing systems to provide a complete marketing management solution in a single system.


A business solution for managing marketing campaigns by enabling e-mail automation, e-mail content creation and e-mail messaging. Integration of InSky business solutions based on the Dynamics 365 platform and SendGrid enables complete automation of marketing processes.


The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Infobip's global communications platform provides an omnichannel experience as activities are performed through a single interface that combines all available communication channels. The MessageInSky solution enables the automatic delivery of all information to mobile users via short text messages, SMS, Viber, Whatsapp and other channels through which Infobip provides access to its global platform. Sending information via SMS or other channels to a client or employee is enabled automatically from Dynamics 365.