LoyaltyInSky is a business solution for loyalty programme management β€” a structured marketing process of rewarding customers and stimulating their loyalty. The loyalty programme is based on reward points customers collect while making their purchase. Having collected a certain number of points, the customers become entitled to receive rewards in various ways and via various channels such as B2C and B2B portals. LoyaltyInSky is an extended functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

Loyalty programs represent a solution our customers are becoming increasingly interested in, be it in tourism (e.g. Aminess), in wholesale, retail and distribution (e.g. Vaillant) or in pharmacy (e.g. PHOENIX Farmacija). Our LoyaltyInSky solution, as part of the Adiva program of the company PHOENIX Farmacija, is the most widespread and most popular solution in the pharmacy segment in Croatia and the region with more than 150,000 members.

LoyaltyInSky is a business solution that includes innovative technological and marketing elements used in a system of structured rewards given to patients in exchange for desired behavior, all as a means to increase loyalty and gather data about the patients. The solution makes it possible to manage different activities, which can further increase loyalty. It monitors the cost-effectiveness of such activities, as well as factors that contribute to the success of loyalty programs.

Some of the most important features LoyaltyInSky provides:

Our satisfied clients using LoyaltyInSky loyalty program: