The ContactInSky solution for contact centers is based on Microsoft technologies and has functionalities that enable agents to operate in a simple and fast manner. The application consists of the server portion, which contains the logic of incoming and outgoing calls, and the supervisor interface, which controls and monitors the operation of all agents.

Apart from phone calls, the ContactInSky system integrates other communication channels and monitors integrally all the activities through various channels. It also has a complex system of analytics and reporting, with all needed reports for a specific industry already created and the option of users creating their own reports.





ContactInSkyThe ContactInSky solution uses Microsoft Azure AI technology improving customer experience as well as operational efficiency. The ContactInSky solution uses Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence technology improving customer experience as well as operational efficiency by identifying mail urgency from contextual content, identifying the language from the content of the mail, providing next best action or scheduling of workforce.

Chatbots, sorting robots and machine learning-guided text proofreading are AI-powered tools used by ContactInSky application in order to prioritize emails, recognize email language or send smart notifications with alerts to contact center agents. Using Chatbot functionality, hotel chains can deal with common generic questions or enquires, bring 24/7 instant answers to basic requests, qualifying customer enquiries (question topic, client ID number, etc...) before they are processed by agents.

Instead of implementing the organizational CRM, implementation can be started on the business unit level with ContactInSky in an easy and fast manner. User adoption is simple, the solution easy to use and its results will be evident quickly. The system offers a wide range of security modelling features, and it is important to choose the most appropriate approach for implementing a solution. Each feature offers a combination of characteristics that provide a balance between granularity of access control, administrative ease, and impact on scalability. Understanding the underlying mechanisms supporting each security-modelling feature can be useful when selecting the best approach to solving a challenge, especially when planning to develop a large volume system.