Globally, the most developed manufacturing companies, in relation to financial or e-commerce companies that focus on building a customer-focused business also transformed into customer-centric leaders. Manufacturing as a process was largely reactive, focusing on customer needs, and the ERP system was used as a master data management system for storing customer data.

However, as businesses and customers become smarter and traditional processes no longer meet the needs of modern business, the need to introduce CRM into the industry has soared.

Tailored-made CRMs for manufacturing sector fit perfectly into the business framework and offer everything a company needs to improve productivity and increase revenue.

InSky offers tailor-made solutions for wholesale companies needs, covering all key processes from sales, customer support, marketing and portals to distributors and end users. One of the prominent references that covers all these modules is Rasco, one of the leading European manufacturers of utility equipment.

Merging and integration of all highly fragmented business processes and the integration of many different systems used in everyday work has been replaced by Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules for sales, customer service, marketing and field services.

All processes from sales to customer support are fully automated and integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which has become a central point of aggregation for all information, achieved through two-way integration with the ERP system in real time. A mobile application is used as an additional module to support field staff, while portals have been created for distributors and end-users, improving the flow of information and company availability to the highest possible level.